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Carpet complements a room's decor

Carpet is a great addition to a room. Whether you're looking for a functional or luxurious style, you can find many brands in different textures and a multitude of colors. A bright pastel color, a neutral shade, or a dark and bold tone complements any decor. The Carpet Store is a carpet store in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, satisfying flooring needs in the area since 1986. You'll find the trendiest styles in our locally-owned showroom as well as helpful flooring specialists who can guide you throughout your flooring project.

Judging durability

Carpet pile and fiber are two of the factors that determine durability. Man-made fibers are more popular than natural fibers. But wool is a superior material that is favored by many homeowners. Pile refers to the density of fibers as well as the length of those fibers. Carpet is constructed by sewing loops of fiber onto a backing. When a sample is bent into a U shape, little of the backing shows on a high-quality brand. A low loop pile is the most durable type of carpeting.

Cut Pile

Loop pile can be cut at the tips to create a cut pile. When this is constructed, fibers are twisted to ensure durability. Twisted or turned, fibers resist matting and crushing.

This twist is especially important with cut pile styles since the ends of fibers are exposed. TPI, or turns per inch, is noted on cut-pile brands. Most carpeting has up to a 6.0 TPI. Saxony is the most popular cut pile style. The fibers that make up this traditional, soft carpeting have an even height.


Nylon has been the favored synthetic fiber for decades. It retains its original look for years after installation, it resists matting, and it bounces back after a heavy item is removed. Triexta is a newer tough material that is similar to nylon. It is inherently stain-resistant, while nylon resists stains because it receives treatments in the factory. Olefin, or polypropylene, resists mold and mildew, while polyester, available in bright colors, is often made of recycled materials.

The Carpet Store is the place to go for carpet and carpet installation. We specialize in both commercial and residential carpets. We tackle big and small jobs, and jobs that are simple or complex. The following communities are in our service area: Oklahoma City, OK, Norman, OK, El Reno, OK, Guthrie, OK, Shawnee, OK, Mustang, OK, Yukon, OK, Newcastle, OK, Tuttle, OK, and Midwest City, OK. Give us a call or stop by our showroom in Oklahoma City to get started on your carpet upgrade.

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